BUDGETS: Are you nervous to disclose a budget with your designer?

When you completed the first meet and greet, and conveyed your design ideas to your designer the next step is discuss your budgetary numbers that you had for your project. Often, our first-time clients are afraid to establish a budget because they are simply afraid to share their budget with me. They may be afraid that if the entire project doesn’t cost as much as their original budget. The simple truth is that we will listen to you, design your project that will deliver your concepts with our professional touch, and creates the best value not only for your dollar but your lifestyle and home. The job of a good designer, who has studied and practiced their craft, is to recommend the best solutions with the available resources to achieve the desired goals and objectives. It is totally understandable that a client might not know what a project will cost them because they have never done anything like this before.  It still makes sense for the client to establish the maximum cost they can afford for the project.  All too often at the first meeting with the client I have heard, “That we really have no budget for this” or, “We will have to see when you come back with our design and quote.” Well, when we meet up for the presentation of their project where the budget was not revealed, and have heard, “Wow I didn’t think it would be this much” or, “I was thinking this much”. Unfortunately, as result of not revealing the budget, more time and money is spent on revisions. Revealing the budget would have opened up a discussion of the budget analysis. If your price range was inadequate for achieving your goals, then your designer can work with you to either modify your project, or suggest materials and design strategies that might be used to achieve your goals. This also save you time on the design and quote revisions after the second meeting because your time is important to you and your family.

We put ourselves in our client’s shoes every day, look at it this way.  When you purchased your first home you gave the agent the type of house you liked, location, property style, and the amount you were able to spend. This obviously allowed them to show you what you could purchase within that range. Without this information they most likely would have wasted you’re your time showing you houses that were either above or below your spending means. Similarly, with a price range in place for your landscape project, a good designer will be able to evaluate your needs and bring them together in concise plan.

Trust matters, when you build trust with your designer, let them show you their talents, professionalism, and allow them to deliver an outstanding plan that exceeds your thoughts. You are well on your way to establishing a mutually beneficial relationship. After all, you are deciding factor on how you want to invest your money. I tell all my clients go with what makes you comfortable, go with who is always there when you call them, and have fun with it.

“We look forward to continue working with you and your team for our landscaping and hardscaping needs for years to come.”
– J. and R. Shramek
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